What is a grail run in video games

So I’m trying to finish my last achievements on a different video game, and I ask for advice on finding the last pieces. I Get a comment, oh are you going a grail run and laugh emoji.
What’s a grail run?

What game and what do you have to collect for the achievement? We need context!

I’ll quess tainted

In diablo 2 a holy grail run is finding the most rare items in the game and this normally takes forever.
I imagine this has something to do with why they said that.

Diablo 3 vanilla on PlayStation 3. Trying to find all the super uniques monster on that game for the achievement.

A grail usually refers to a fabled object at the end of an arduous quest. So something like that

grail run in RTS would be saving coins for a 10 pull on the premier wheel and getting every S class available… as impossible as actually finding the holy grail

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I actually pulled three s class command Rick’s on a ten pull when he first premiered.

you should try your hand at the lottery with luck like that

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