What is a good android device to play this game on under $200?

i’m going to upgrade from my s5, and im thinking of an s7.

I play on a kindle fire $50 us from Amazon with prime

I’m really looking for phones I meant to say lol

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Not really what I’m looking for

Game is playable on a $50 phone lol i tried it on one of those free obama phones with like 1gb of ram and it plays fine, of course its not in 1080p res and that will require a better cpu/gpu but almost any phone can play this just fine. Lots of the Chinese phones like Oketiel or Redmi are great as they offer more ram, faster cpu clocks, etc for under $200. Personally i like LG, Redmi, Huawei and a few other brands but mainpy look for features that you want/need like camera, fingerprint sensor, etc as almost any phone can play RTS fine.

If i had to rec a phone right now, get the Blu Bold N1, it’s around $200 and amazong for the price, it’s marketed under just Bold but owned by Blu.

That phone might be better than the s7

M using s8+. Other than ingame bugs/crashes, it runs flawlessly