What initially drew you to this game?


I’m a fan of the show. Haven’t read the comics. I was also in the market for a new mobile game.

I really enjoyed the story that was presented in this game. From the main story missions to the stories you get from the roadmap (when they worked). I liked making decisions that made me feel part of the game.

I liked that my low level teams (mix of 3* and 4*) were able to take on some 5* teams.

I like the diversity in the teams I went against. I’d look up characters on the wiki to try to match the picture with who I was about to raid so I can hit them with a team that’d work in my favor.

How about you all?


Same. Am a fan of the show. And Was looking for a mobile game. Tried a few others first. Then download this one 2 years ago. Honestly can’t believe I’m still playing. Not sure I will be in 2018 though.


The toons drew me in and a fan of TWD.


I love the comics so I just checked the google store, this is what I got at the time (2 years ago).


Started with the show since it aired, then eventually found the comics around a few years later. Loved the comics, sooner or later tried RTS. Got a 5* Hershel as my first elite token pull, which was enough to hook me in.


Truthfully? I had a code for a “Free $15 value gift” from Lootcrate in February 2016. It was the Carl, that we all got for free anyway. Then the strategy portion of playing through the story and raids, then my faction. Then I quit for 4 months when things got stale, and came back because it seemed worth coming back to.

At this point, SR and the LE Jesus/Dwight event were going on. I had two 5* characters after a year of playing, the thought of getting another that was so powerful at the time was enough to keep me for a bit.

So I guess the competition is what did it for me.


The show drew me in, the game seemed like an extension until I realized it’s more loosely based of the comics than the show.

So now I’m hooked on the show and comics and this game.

Oddly enough this game costs more than the comics :-/

(I buy the compendiums)


Being a gamer and not really playing any mobile games, I started up a few years ago giving them a chance and well, got addicted to TWD because of the combat.


I read the comics before I started the game as it really caught my interest. However, if I knew the kind of company Scopely was and still is at the time, I would’ve uninstalled the game the same day I downloaded it.


I know from the telltale game first, following from the first chapter when clem and lee is the main char.
Still following when javier and clem is the main char. Cant wait for the next, when clem try to find aj.

I also read the comic, because the comic and the telltale game is in one world. They are connected.

I watch the show too. but stopping at season 4, coz my tv cable got wrong. Damn, im trying to follow up. It makes me realize its already season 7. Still not watch the season 8 yet. Same reason.

Then my real life got busy, cant play game in a long time. So im starting find a mobile game. Taaraaa , twd : rts


I was a huge fan of the show. I watched the first episode that aired while I was in the hospital, haha. I got into the game a few weeks after it was released and was hooked. I loved the challenge, the story line, the combat and the idea of recruiting awesome characters from the comic. My first 5* pull was Aaron…after pulling that toon I was addicted.


Hmm my memory of that is actually a bit hazy. I think I was playing No Man’s Land at the time. It was too slow and grindy for my tastes but I was interested in trying any Walking Dead game at the time. Dissatisfaction with that one led me here I guess.


Dissatisfaction? Oh, sweet irony… Lol


Touch Arcade wrote about it and I downloaded to try, tried hundreds of games, this one stuck.

I liked the strategic battle system, and good difficulty curve on initial road maps. Then the social part really hooked me as I joined my first proper faction; Phoenix Rising.


What initially drew you to this game? I would have to say it was Miraboobs… oops, I mean Mirabelle. :wink:


I also buy the compendiums, but it will be over a year and a half I think until the next one comes out. I don’t think I can wait that long to tell you the truth lol


also I’m a fan of most Walking Dead games.Telltale hooked me to this hellhole.


It reminded me a bit of Advance Wars, in its rock paper scissors play mechanic. Then the strategy of building teams and all of that.
I like others were really frustrated at the old difficulty of getting 5s And for about a month there the game was FREAKING AWESOME when I actually started Getting some of the 5s that I had been after forever. Then it hit a freaking mountain when they released 6s into the wild and then nuked it when they buffed them to the point of making 5s completely irrelevant.

I know what I would do to fix things and make the game fun again, but Scopely is apparently Gambling with the running of their company using the exact same RNG they have used on us. Decision Bot or something. Good luck with that.
I am trying to hold on till the end of the year and see if someone will put their foot down and right the ship. Bunt unfortunately whoever is actually in charge is asleep at the wheel .or doesn’t care to do so, or to give KaliShane the tools she needs to better share with us whats actually going on.
I haven’t played Galaxy of Heroes in a while. I may have to check it out, or dip more than my toes into Phone destroyer.

But I miss this Game, and Right now it doesn’t even remotely look like its coming back any time soon. Which Maybe thats a Good thing since my Wife feels like a Game widow, and Im just really struggling to bring myself back to the game day in and out, where as before I couldn’t tear myself away from it.


A game called Spartan wars

I got 1200 pearls for downloading it


Wife played it, got bored, I took over. Now I‘m bored.