What in you depot?

Only seen war cans in depot twice over four seperate regions since the update. They must be super rare

Red hershel?


I pulled yvette and chris from prestige recruits. Idk if it’s just me but prestige recruits are guarantee ascendable.

I hope I pull tobin.

They are like super rare to get in my bucket. No 5* Ascendable for me from PR. I always wanted to get Yvette and she looks so good as an avatar <3.

I hope you can get Tobin, he is a beast!

They are rare, I use my coins here rather than pull, probably 1 in 15 is War cans and always in place of world cans which is what I really want

I pulled Tobin while he was a premiere. And he is a absolute beast! Good luck to you! I also pulled G.Rick and Mike on premiere that same week.

I pulled bruce, yumiko and jeremiah from war wheel. Bruce is good for confusion.

hereshere’s my depot

blue crappy

He needed a doc


Nope, haven’t had an ascendable from prestige recruits yet

Shit It might be my bucket.

so war cans are a myth huh…

Magna today