What in the....?

Was doing my raids then I started thinking how those sucks like how în the world you supposed to attack and defend at the same time lol? I mean there is a lot of shitty teams you have to deal with like doc raven negan mia this make the the game hard enough, why do we have to deal with that AI as well? Is shield guardians 4 and 5 revives not enough? Why this company is doing such thing, can someone explain pls?

Bots have the same teams as players in your regions. In many regions players lower their defense teams to make bots easier

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I don’t want to raid lowered defence teams, where is the fun and challenge in that?

You just said you don’t want to raid hard defense teams. Now I see, I might have misunderstood your point. Did you mean AI as the way toons attack and whatever? If so, it’s not that terrible anymore

When did I say that lol? Y inventing things that r not there?

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