What in the WORLD kind of Defense is this?

Was doing Draft last night in leagues and had this team as option for the highest point score. This is just stupid now. Scopley you silly silly goose lol.


thats a very easy defence to beat


This is a no thought put into the team made by a whale, money with no creativity


My thinking. Take out the Petes and the team doesn’t do anything. Annoying in Draft mode though.

Team wouldn’t do anything if attack team had a minor healer… without one though…

With 2 S Hengyen this defense was childplay

Agree with OP that this is stupid. Raulito will have an easy time with that team. And maybe we need a few more s class toons released so these guys can have more s class options and improve their defenses. Perhaps its time for sclass payback and s class shield.

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Not hard to beat as long as you don’t use ar


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