What in the world happened to no more stupid?

at anyone that’ll listen… What’s this? I don’t have the time to sit and constant play this game. It takes me a month to get thru a level up and I just had one. Can you please fix this early? Unless there’s a way to get through it faster? It already takes weeks to get get to the final comic ! This is just preposterous! Another stupid bunch of missions! They don’t care!!! Screenshot_2019-11-07-19-32-20|690x387

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Work the sr event going on now, farm 25.8 and get ready for the xp roadmaps and farm last stage of second act and you will be fine.

It’s not that bad, it’s a grind of course but a week is reasonable with plenty of xp gainers available.

Deep breath :wink:

I hit 156 this afternoon and have already gained 25% just from sr


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I find “ascend 5 toons” more of an annoying weekly mission


I work graveyard and sleep until 2. Even on crack I don’t see doing this fast enough and by next Thursday ill have her and won’t care anyway. Lol. Its just they are getting more and more preposterous on a daily basis and its a struggle to hold on and not just delete the damn app. But that’s my aggravation talking. Lol. Of course ill try but I contacted support anyway. They have to know how dissatisfied we are or it’ll never improve.

Today I would have taken that one despite how preposterous it actually is cause I got a bunch of bennies from museum tee shirt collection. But otherwise I agree. Maybe while I’m off this weekend I can double up.

Oh. Yeah. That sucks. I won’t be getting that one either. :confused:

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Dang, I see your point.

That really sucks

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They don’t realize we have actual lives out side of the game or something. Hell, I play 19 other games. Lately I been dedicating way too much time and energy to this one. But I’m trying despite everything to give them a chance. I can’t complain truly bc I’ve been lucky this week. I did land 3 ascendables this week. I’m just being a crybaby. Lol

Ah I’m off this weekend, maybe I can knock it out. Who knows. I did pull 3 aacendables this week. Can’t really complain. Lol

Thank you for the tips, Phoenix. Ill try to double down and get it done. I appreciate it. :slight_smile:

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Anyone know where gives you the most xp? Road maps and SR? Raids? What’s my focus need to be?

They know how dissatisfied we are. They don’t care. 5 minutes on this forum and you can tell the player base is dissatisfied.


SR legendary stages are the best, then the XP map on Saturday.


Get the XP territories and spend a bunch of salvage tokens on the last world stage. SR is good too.

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Oh. Someone already said that. Kind of ironic I would post that when the thread title says “What in the world happened to no more stupid?”. :thinking:

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Thank you.:slight_smile:

Okay I appreciate that. Ill use this.

I can’t complain, at least it’s better than ascend 5 toons.

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Yeah but I am keeping at it. In life and business I’ve learned that persistence is the key to getting what you want. So I’m super persistent if nothing else. Lol. Stay to the course! Lol.

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I’d rather had that today… Not usually…I think this is punishment for ppl complaining abt that mission. Still is preposterous at this point.