What improvement do you recommend to wyatt's weapon?



Hello everyone. With the previous event I got wyatt, which in my opinion one of the best legendary character, and I think it’s important that you tell me what improvement you recommend me to do to his weapon

In my team i think to add John from faction assault, and other blue character. Thank you and im waiting for yours answers…
Ps: I’m Latin american


I would do extra defense and health mainly. He is a tank and should be treated as such.


huge AP when attacking
AP down / huge AP when being attacked

Depends on how much material you want to sink into him


Right now got him at Huge AP when attacking and 30 HP behind a Carl lead. Will try for 30 Defense for last slot. Didn’t really feel like trying for Stun or AP Down for him…


Guess I’m the only one that likes huge AP when being attacked. Pairs well with taunt so u keep that rush popping


Nope you’re not the only one. I am going to try for that for my other Wyatt in Chilton


Slayer 3 30% Crit when hp<70
30% hp buff
25% atk

This is Op


My issue with Wyatt is that ascending to 6☆ takes the taunt away from his rush and makes it his active skill.


Think of it as a blessing and a curse…if he had kept taunt on his rush with him being a six star(i prefer it too) then a easy way to avoid him from rushing would be to bring a neutralizer and he wouldnt matter. But with his active skill being taunt a enemy for 2 turns you cannot neut that you can only stun or confuse wyatt before that happens or cure taunt, both of that either requires luck from stun weapons or your active skill is ready to do either. My point is it has its advantages because not everyone has stun on attack or shiva and cure of taunt while the disadvantages is that with it not being apart of his rush then his rush is sorta useless in a sense.


People in my faction are doing -30 AP and Stun

I think stun is better, except he’s a tank so -AP sounds like a better idea…

Some are doing AP on taking damage, I’m not a fan as I find those weapons weak on defense.

I’ve seen a few AP attacking/AP taking damage weapons on Abe and he melts like butter

that is a good consideration. But there is already 1 neutralize 6* and F2P toons coming soon with Neutralize (soon = scopely version of soon = 10 months?)


In the past with how many neutralize characters were widely obtainable most people have up on ap taking damage, with them not being that available in 6 stars, ap taking damage is more viable then in the past.


Very valid. The other part of this is that neutralize can be removed through impair remove active abilities so there are other paths to get that rush moving even if they end up neutered at end of turn. Unfortunately this all won’t matter due to the high damage output and slow rushes we have today.


Ideal world for me:

Ap down
Huge bonus on attack
30 defence


How about…

Huge AR when attacking and defending and HP?

If Def is too high wont get a lot of AR when taking damage.
But then again Wyatt has very high defence and average HP…so is it wise to do this build?

Maybe the -ap is better.
But he taunts only 1 toon for 2 turns unlike Negan who does 2 for 1 turn.
Making -AP not as useful as it could be,

Maybe Stun is the way to go…?

I’m not sure.


If you have a shield toon on your deck I do not think it’s very useful -30ap when it takes damage. Maybe in this case it is better to add the stun when attacking …


AP Down
Huge on attack
30% HP to milk the bonus HP.


Ap Down
30% Hp
Huge / V Large ap attack for me.


I went with:
Huge bonus to AP while being attacked
Left default reflect damage

But I don’t recommend it as it’s not ideal 3rd slot for me.

Also, I really like the sound of:
Huge bonus while attacking
Huge bonus while being attacked

But importantly, I think his AR should be maxed or at level 9, for that bonus HP and his active skill at least level 5 for extra turn of taunt.


Very large attacking ap(didn’t get crit)
Left the reflect damage

I find myself saying “stop hitting yourself” whenever he reflects 300+ damage to the attacker. Plus I’ve killed my own toons because of reflected damage and it sucks


Fuck yor wyatt weapon we need improvement on CRW rewards