What if Christa was a 6*

What do you think her ar and stats would be lol

Idk stats but mixing Christa and legacy power, her AR would go off every leap year


She was my very first 5* so I’m definitely on board with this idea. Ar would max out at 45. Seems like it’s fitting for her, since she was by far one of the worst in the 5* era

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Make her go slow as hell again but if her AR goes off 4,000 maim to all enemies

Careful what you’re saying , scopley may do it .
Zach have a 1000 Miami to all enemies .
I wouldn’t be surprised if they release an S class with 4k to all

Oh I don’t doubt that at all the way it’s going right now anything is possible they’ll probably do 4k maim plus revive 2 and 100% bonus HP to all next

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