What if Amber is the first legacy ascended S Class

What if the first legacy Legendary ascendable S Class character is Amber what do you estimate will her stats be? What will her ability change to? will she be the added to James and Laono and make a kill team?

Uh? Stop smoking


Unless scopely lies again, which ya know, they always do, gen 2 toons will not become S class characters.

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I’m liking and liking , and liking this comment lol :joy:


I know, I know, they also said they’d never put 6*s in wheels either, and the only way to obtain them would be through ascendance. However, for now I don’t think we’ll get ascendable 6*s because the current Ascendance tower isn’t coded to be able to ascend a 6*.

If you’re asking who the first legacy character is who will have an S class version in the museum - well, I don’t really see that happening either, at least not in the near future.

Even if they do someday decide to make an existing 6* with an S class, it will be so weak it won’t be useful to anyone who was able to grind out a team of 6*s. (ftp toons are generally way weaker than their p2w counterparts).

Really wishful thinking? Make it a yellow Kal, yellow Zeke, red Mirabelle, or blue Ty. Someone that a ton of people have, and make them solid toons usable by any dolphin.


Hold on did I miss when they made all the legacy 5* ascendable. Oh thays right we are all still waiting for that to happen. So this sounds feasible


Indeed , Wishfu !

No l as it will never come to fruition, lol

if anything they should just make all 5* into 6*

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Wish upon A star !

Watch out, next thing we know Scope will come up with “A-Star” characters that make all of that work on getting S-Class worthless.

I’m still waiting for my old 5s to even become 6s which was supposed to happen to all of them. I’ll be dead before they even start making them s class at the rate they are going. Dunno why they are so stingy they are all useless now basically. You could make every old 5 a decent 6 and they would still get one shot by new stats

i think we will see ss class before 6 stars get ascended to s class

you guys love amber very much :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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