What I liked most in the past two weeks about this forum


  1. increased involvement of developers
  2. pre-announcement of the wheel changes & immediate changes incorporated based on community feedback
  3. @dash s involved about who the rarest character is

What are your highlights?


The status quo. the more things change, the more they stay the same. That’s especially true here.


The sad truth? One member on suspension has led to far fewer flame wars, which is what I have liked best.


Which member?

  1. The Wheel isn’t completed. The Pictures and the List in this Forum is also too wrong. There are much more Toons in there, but we don’t know which .


Thanks for the feedback; I’ll take it to the team.


Please refrain from bringing up banned users.


lol who are you xd


I don’t want to say. For fear of aggravating the situation.


Just pm me lol