What i like of the game

Thanks to @misschief for pointing out we see to much negative on the forum.
I make a post that lifts the things i like instead, it is my cakeday so

  • The forum and different chats that have bring many new friends
  • The tactics in game that make it possible to have many ways to win. No it is not only money that determine
  • The development of new toons and meta that make new player can get in touch of top team rather fast
  • The mechanics in game that make you fight against equal opponents except in war. I think it work good
  • I like getting the collection and build up of teams, i can always improve a little every day
  • That it takes time, slow rewards make the game interesting and again the tweak to make the team a little better all the time
  • The faction system, you get close to your gang and want to do good for them
  • Nice graphics on toons

But again when game works we dont complain, but we play becouse we like the game at least me.


Don’t forget that we like pancakes.

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I would never forget the pancakes

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Happy cake day, @Tsarraz

Protip: If in a pinch, stacked pancakes are a quick substitute for a cake…


Speaking of… my favourite p-cake recipe:

3 cups oats (not instant kind)
1/2 cup flour
1/2 tsp salt
1 tspn cinnamon
1 tbspn baking soda

3cups milk
1 cup applesauce or OJ
1tbspn vanilla extract
2 eggs

Mix dry, mix wet in other bowl.
Let sit overnight in fridge covered



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