What have you really needed in past 5 days?


Ok thought this would be a good idea.

What have you needed in last 5 days.
Things your missing…need more off…struggling with…etc…
Try to keep it to daily things…not new modes or big things.

Here’s mine off the top of my head.

MORE Roster Space
Belt Holsters
Ability to remove mods for free
Spray Paint…seriously…so much duct tape and polishing kits…
AR trainers and active skills trainers
Red Unique Weapons. (Got plenty of green)
Scrap or improved chance of levelling up mods past level 10.
GPS and Canteens (ok that ones a little cheeky.)


t3 gear since it’s not available via collection this time around




More sleep. The game is beyond boring. Does anyone gaf anymore? Maybe @JB.Scopely can ignore more posts. It’s the scopely way.


T3 gear
Ulysses and Lilith


Scrap, I forget I need tha5 stuff!


Knife sheaths and roster space


Tripods, Tripods…oh did I already mention… TRIPODS!!! C’mon Scopley…


Topographical maps!


More t3/t4 gear for 5* and 6*


Roster space
T3 gear, mainly tripods


Farmable gear maps…


12 pulls for $36


Gear gear gear gear gear gear gear gear gear 2 days with out a f* level up!!!


I need tier 3 gear. Ive gt 4 toons sitting there stuck at t2 because of this stupid museum collection only giving us t4 gear.

I also need survival road rewards that have been missing two and a half weeks.

Never been this frustrated with the game in all the years ive played

  • Sports Gauntlets. I got a bunch of greens that are T4 worthy but didn’t buy enough gauntlets from the last collection event.
  • Usable 6*. Every guaranteed F2P char isn’t really that good. The good ones are from the year 3 tokens but even then, the ones I got are good, but not great. Andrea was a great addition though.
  • Good mods. Getting new characters means they need new mods. I could just theoretically use old mods and put them on new characters, but that’s a pain especially since I still use my old chars. Bronze mods are pretty much useless now.
  • Roster space. This one is iffy because I’m not a collector and it is manageable. Any new roster space would get filled up anyways due to how easy it is to get Burts and Bennys now.


Roster space and Lilliths/Adens. Oh and gold radios so that I can do the gold mod roadmap more often.


Oh I forgot.

I didn’t get mine :sob:


i have enough of everything so i actually dont need anything except my 3 bennys


T3 gear badly. All of a sudden