What have u been using your coin's for

I been using them to get tokens and I used them to get these

From rts tokens

Four stars mostly, mostly

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I’m never going to ascend him but i got him

I’d ascend him in a second.

But anyways, I spend my league coins on raid and SR refills for mittens, which I’ll spend on toons, 2 of the 3 I will never ascend and I’m debating if I’ll even gear up the third after ascending…

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If you have extra medals, go ahead and ascend him. Might as well ascend an ascendable 5* you already have. Get a use out of them

I have almost 900 medals I have Bryan green Abe javi and now yellow Morgan and also solange in 2 weeks

Spent my coins on 10 four stars. Yay me…

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Usually at the end of token events (like victory, needed 5 more). Also will do 4 10 pulls/one 40 pull from time to time



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