What has honestly happened to TWD:RTS?


Does anyone else feel like the changes are in fact not positive changes but effecting the game in a negative way?

The game use to be pay to win…now it feels like its pay to play.

Can we honestly quit hiding or running from the negative and take the constructive criticism and make the game great again? Seriously. Its gonna take the devs and players. You need us. We need you. Why can we not work together…why does anything negative get swept under the rug. I for one complain because I want to continue to play the game…not because I am searching for it to fail nor is any other community member, they complain because this is their hobby this is their free time…they want the game to be fun and successful.

We as a WHOLE need to work this out…from the devs to the CM to the players…there is a disconnect somewhere in that chain of command and its honestly doing us all no good.


I agree every change seems to be to make it harder to play without spending money. As someone who has spent far too much money on this game and subsequently stopped spending i cant see a way forward as a f2p for much longer unless major changes are made. The new gear map system is a perfect example, now you will have to buy world fills if you want to level and upgrade 5 stars, ascend them, and then level and upgrade the 6 star.


May as well be renamed to the waiting dead at this rate. Everybody I know is waiting for something decent to come around the corner and I don’t have faith they’ll ever deliver fun gameplay again. Everything is becoming a huge chore, please revisit the daily gear map. Lovely idea but the drops are woeful.


at some point i was like:

  • look my roster is making progress, i may not be on top faction but we are getting 2, 3 place and getting some decent toons, have 2-3 andreas from the depot plus richards, dereks, wow that cooper seems amazing but i can fight and kill teams, so is ok, war has a meaning, those 10-20 hours that i spend attached to my phone are ok.
  • well those are some amazing premier toons, its right that the rewards from war seem bad that usual, that carley, bonnie again mmmm…, skylar…a donnie WTF… well maybe scoopely is in a phase ¨like puberty¨ maybe that puberty will make a great company and they change those prizes, after all puberty was great with hermione…and look i finally in a top faction… wish i have one of those teresas, shieldshones, and that priya well i cant do pulls … but my andrea team still can kill anybody… but wonders…
  • where are those amazing toons for wars, and why scopely hate me so much that even after some pulls i cant even get a Shield Lee…but he this games is like heroin in pixels i that flows through my eyes… and what about ascendance medals every war and tourney… but look i got a shiva… boom ascended… got shiva #2 from prestige… ascended… 2 lees in less that a week … they know how to keep me hooked… and Albert says: THERES WILL NOT GOING TO BE 6* ON PREMIERS AND ALL 5* WILL BE ASCENDABLE…seems fair… maybe scopely is changing…
  • now im like well the list of 5* ascendable sucks in comparition with the new 6* premiers and they will be avalible maybe in 6 -7 months, my team is holding wiht some luck in the armory…but oh boy i know at some point they will sell those 45ar 6* and i will be done…


The game has more potential now than it ever has. I look more forward to the next change than I ever did before.



Hey me too, it gives me a lot of fun here on forum, especially premiere pulls/toons. In game not so much, every change is obviously making me feel like game is getting handicapped from previous playing experience. Even chat feels repulsive cause sending msgs and log is still in 20th century…


Nope. The end of the 5* era was boring and repetitive.