What has happened to raids?

after this 36mb update killing toons now takes longer? to ponit they drop to 20 hp. in shit

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A Plant?

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was not like this with

that 36mb *bug fix update my hits would kill you not drop you to a almost 0 hp bar

I’ll leave it to someone else to explain the multitude of factors in your scenario. Good luck!

okay troll was the fun worth it?

I still don’t get it, my shiva has same stats. You wan’t to say they increased 6* strength or?

Ugh, troll. What are you saying? What does your SS prove? I am not trolling you. I am trying to let you know that your question and logic are making very little sense so far using humour. Seems it was an epic fail.

Blue ty cant even kill a red with double tap after this update… Am sitting at 200hp… after being hit

Not having anything close to this issue. My Abe is killing most reds (I want to say all) with double tap so not sure how Ty would have an issue.

are you beta?

Do you seriously want him to be that overpowered combined with a Double Attack Ak74, tier 3/4, and Mira as lead? I sure want to, if I had had Ty in my hands right now. But as of now, I find that unbalanced when defending or attacking.

I am not in beta and i’m iOS.

zzzzz wrong not about any stats buffs zzz look at pics zzzz

then your fine this same 9.0 fix or something theres another post on it aswell.


You mentioned him not killing an Alert opponent in a single attack with Double shots. If he constantly does that, Tyreese is way too destructive.

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another one 3 blues she should be dead.

now work this one out 3 blues red still alive.

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Well, that’s a good thing for ya. She can stun the rest so you have a better advantage.

Damn, two pussehs, though? Ferocious!

No idea what you’re talking about. Are you complaining that one of your toons didn’t quite die?

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ZZZZ its a bug… not complaining

What’s the bug?