What has happened to previous 5 stars being made ascendable?


The Walking Dead: Road to Survival has been going strong for 3 years now. I for one have been playing the game near that long. With that being said, I have accumulated toons of every trait, persona, and skill along the way. It saddens me to see the majority of my 5 star roster, toons that were once amazing and game changing, sit and collect dust while new premier after new premier is being pumped out. I am in no way bitching or trying to trash Scopely. I know the name of the game is money. It can’t hurt to take these older 5 stars and start turning them into the 6 stars though. There is a current list that seems to have been put on the back burner. Would be nice to see these toons come out as useable 6 stars in the near future. Rose, Dwight, Carley, Maggie, Knox, Andrea, Duane. Think that’s all of them. (Been holding my blue Dwight since his original release date about 2 years ago now). Give the veteran players like myself something to look forward to. Players that have been around for years deserve a bit of a break. We have all payed into the game whether it be time, money, or both. There will always be newer players who don’t have the toons that will spend to get them or even older players that never received the toon who will also spend. These toons are too good to be sitting bench. Please get a design team on this so we can have options other than spending our hard earned paychecks week in and out for new toons. What can we expect to see in the coming month as far as previous 5 stars being made ascendable goes? Any timeframe on the toons on the forgotten list? Please let me and the rest of the players know.


Keep on surviving


Can’t imagine how you deal with the same events over and over again


Red Duane RTS 1?


I think you nailed it. As long as money is being made there is no need to change course.


Good luck getting any more money from me, no new legacy toons equals me not spending on other things in game. I’m not a whale, just a casual spender mostly the monthly pass, lack of legacy toons keeps me from even wanting to buy that these days. It’s like clockwork on those shiny new premiers coming out tho, firm pass.


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