What has happened to farming?

OK! This is my 1st post ever, and I tried checking to see if this has been talked about. Has anyone noticed the change in drops of everything on every stage? Not including 4 and 3* weapons but down to rain boots and handkerchiefs. Since when are sunglasses and running shoes not offered on every single stage also? Every one is saying its because I’m in Beta, but lets see what you guys think. I’m going to add a few screen shots of various drops of a few of my favorite farms.





It’s one of those “quality of life” changes we really didn’t need

Can’t wait for this to go live /s


Because they can’t help but mess with things that don’t need tweaking and refuse to acknowledge or fix the things that do.

  1. Crashes
  2. Crit Debuff
  3. Scavenger Camp
  4. Lackluster rewards
  5. Transparency with odds
  6. Cheaters
  7. “Admin” in gc

I’m sure there are a dozen other things that need work. Feel free to add to the list.

Let’s give credit too. These are the good things this year.

  1. The Governor
  2. The 3x Speed boost
  3. The weapon locks
  4. The Avatar and Support toons
  5. Friendly Raids (although we really need to be able to raid ourselves for testing)
  6. Free Maggie (thanks @Dr.Mekar for the reminder)

Great post - that’s it in a nutshell


M8 take 70 ppl a farm from 23.8 and shit loads of 2 star gear…

I’ll take 3x in auto over nothing


Yeh it was noticed almost a week ago for beta users , it’s worth noting that the post by shane has come since then and the new changes have yet to be implemented until live release I assume so we can fully experience the whole new landscape together all at once

Another good thing for the list would be

  1. The Free Maggie

I would agree. I am enjoying her quite a lot on my farm team and she’s a huge help in sr/fa. She’s an amazing 5-star.

fill up my peps with 5 runs smh.

Yeah, I wanted to ascend her all the time, but I don’t have medals. Now at the curent state I’m
not even sure, about it.

I also really wish I could add the Wheel Updates on it, but they were a big disapointment :confused:

Yes! Free Rick and Maggie are amazing! Ive ascended then both and use them both all the time!! I hope when this update goes live they do NOT implement these changes. I also enjoy the survivors from 23.7

But I do not have the food to back up all the survivors I have now. Completely ass backwards now. But farming has now become more than just a chore. Now it’s difficult and tedious. I do not like the direction things are going in. Its like Scopely’s taking pointers from the creators of the TV show. </3

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thank you for this! Not sure how I missed it. Lol I am new to forums. Trying to catch on! :slight_smile:

Also would like a count on these legendary tokens. I have not come across a single person in Madison who has gotten any at all. Any of you guys?

meh, not too bad. I quit for a little over a year right around the time armory came out. Came back to a lot of bad ass weapons and 6*s lol none to be expected. Ive been back about 6 months now and have a decent S5+ team. You’ll be fine! Just empty your bank account and get all caught up like I did! Haha

thank you :wink:

The change to farming is a goo d change in my opinion, more survivors, glove and shirts in higher stages is a useful change, it will take some time for ppl to get use to it but its a good change


But instead of being able to farm 6.6 like I used to, intentionally farming for gloves, and getting a few of each every run I can only get one or the other and at a very low drop rate. Plus youre only get 1 shirt in the higher levels. It blows.

Farming hasn’t been destroyed
They left 7 and 13 the same
Everthing is fine


Just farm the shirts and gloves map. I drop a few fills on it every week when it’s up and never run out unless I want to win a level up which with the prizes as is why would I?