What happens with my account if a join the beta version?

What is it? You have to download a new app? And if so ,would I be able to join or play my current game? They are separate or just one account can be active at a time? Does anyone have any information how’s it work please.

You’ll need an android device to join beta. Once you’ve applied and been accepted, you’ll find beta in your list of regions to join.

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You don’t download a new app, you get access to the beta versions and the beta regions. This is an important thing to know - you will have one app installed and switch between your main region and your beta region inside the game. The significance of this is you won’t be able to switch back and forth between versions - because it’s one app install, you will always play on the beta version of the game, even in your main region. If there’s a bug with the beta version, it can affect your main region.


Ok so I would keep my regular status on my current region and have to start fresh in a different region on beta ?

Yes. You will be level 1 with a town hall level 1 and no toons or weapons or mods or anything.

But, they give things away to let you progress quickly depending on what they want tested. For example, when they wanted the new levelup system tested everyone in beta got tons of new toons, trainers, gear, and food for minimal effort because they wanted levelups tested.

Also be aware beta regions disappear regularly. Regular events don’t run there. It’s not a normal region to play in; it’s for testing new features.

I just want to make sure if I join a beta ,it would not affect my current game. Thanks for the information Lady.

As a beta user, it isn’t worth it. I keep intending to quit, but get suckered into staying to see new updates. You can occasionally grind an extra 1k coins and can preview new stuff, but more often than not, it will cause problems for your actual main account. Whether it causes your game to crash when using items or buildings, not having access to certain event items (last year’s autumn event), or countless other issues


It can quite often interfere with your main account. For eg, you can end up stuck in beta in a reload loop from hell, which means you can end up missing tourney/war in your main.

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I am betatester for 2 years now, it does NOT affect your regular teams in normal regions. I can switch between them whenever I want , do this frequently and never got any of these problems described above. See it as an additional team in a region with weird rules that sometimes vanishes, offers nearly no events but very rarely offers you the opportunity to test new features and grab some coins.

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