What happens when weekly missions to upgrade a level has been capped to 200?

So I think this needs pointing out before a majority of players hit this block.

What happens in the likely event that this game will throw more missions such as weekly missions or “word hunt” missions that expect you to upgrade 1 level ./… what happens once you are capped at level 200.

This seems counter-productive if you are forcing your active players to do about 6 level upgrades a week with the missing word hunt missions & 1 weekly mission … whilst most active players pass levels normally once or twice a week.

Do players who are constantly farming to keep their training grounds in check or pushing in survival road suddenly going to miss out on missions that exclusively require a players XP level to be upgraded but cannot because its capped.

Suggestion would be to have an instant bypass of missions that require level upgrade or something to that affect, possibly ghost levelling that can be retroactively added to levels once they update the level 200 cap?


it’s in your corner now Scopely


I don’t get why there’s a limit on levelling up. I mean, it’s not like we get awesome and meaningful rewards that are going to rock our gaming worlds every time we do so.

Just give us a few bennies and a bit of s class gear and maybe a few coins every level up and be done with it. It’s not difficult.

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Exactly. I’m ok with the cap but it should still track XP, and when you would thit the next level, just refill world energy and hand out a few minor rewards, some medals or coins or whatever. Means that they can still increase the cap with additional stuff relevant to the new meta when they choose to, but XP gains when you’re at the cap will no longer be completely useless (and it would solve the mission problem)

Anyway, congrats @Clemo81, that’s impressive speed!

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Thanks but its mainly down to SR events, ive not been doing it for levelling up, just training grounds and winning SR etc

I guess they’d probably say you will have the option to buy the letters like with the “L” - typical scopely.

Damn I am only level 156

if its any consolation my main account is level 178. its just farming constantly for survivors.

ive ran out plenty of times of refills etc

We need to have more glove offers etc

Your fucked☹️


He wasn’t fast, he just partook in the Princess event missions lol


Thats what the “l” for 100 coins was for. That is their answer another monetized structure.

ur game resets when u get to 200


I hope they keep it the same. Will teach those folks that’s grinded to max level almost instantly that there was no point just like the last few times. Just level up when it happens and dont stress. They try to justify by saying it was for the coins but everyone gets the same amount eventually. If anything the longe you wait the better off since the mate changes so fast. Coins spent yesterday are worth less then today

it was for level ups, always having to have survivors to keep them running. trust me this was not speed run or rushing. SR is by far the fastest way to gain xp & most of this was done without the 50% xp boost

Still about 30-ish cans per level. I was hoping that SR would make all those L missions a bit easier, and it was easier, but not as much as I hoped - I still had to burn a ton of world cans each time, given how scarce SR cans are. Not complaining though, all the survivors really helped hit the 3m and lots of top 10 placements.

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