What happens when the card collection toons expire in the museum?

Curious. When the time limit expires for card collections, do they get rid of all your cards or compensate for them? Do they introduce a batch of new toons?

so far it has seemed like timers get extended when they get pretty low.

one exception im curious about is Malcolm. the 6* comes from comics and his collection 17 ends this week.

please extend Malcolm so I didn’t waste my magazines on a single useless 6*

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For toons introduced in the promo wheel, they will extend the timers.

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malcom is useless bro… good luck

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s class Malcolm is more useful than a 6* until the Bernadette conversion can be done.

I’m not complete sure but since he is a originally club member character I think he needs comics to tier up his Sclass version as well, so save your comics you going to need lots of it.

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