What happens to Wave 3 regions that couldn't transfer?

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Can anyone in Wave 3 transfer right now?

This issue was reported by @LadyGeek with it being reported that it appeared that certain regions in Wave 3 were unable to transfer out of their region with in the assigned time frame. These regions (Greenville and others) during the transfer window for wave 3 did not get the option to transfer.

This is not the customers fault. This is down to tech issues on Scopely’s side. What solution is there for these customers?

I’ve been advise through various post that @GR.Scopely is aware of the issue and it’s being investigated (last update on monday) but as you can see from the post quoted above, that post has now been closed with no further update.

There needs to be an honest response for customers in those regions that were affected. Again, it is not their fault that they were not able to transfer as per Scopely’s advised time frames as the option was never given.

Some customers left their factions and purchased transfer keys but have been abandoned by Scopely because they have failed to fix the issue for their customers so they could transfer.

This has direct knock on affect on Scopely’s Customers

  1. Effected wave 3 customers who wanted to transfer are unable to do so

  2. Arrangements between customers in affective waves to merge factions etc after months of negotiations has now fallen through which puts factions in jeopardy.

  3. Arrangements with effecred individuals and other factions have been affected, again months of planning under the rules Scopely provided have now been wasted because Scopely did not open all wave 3 regions or whatever tech issue it was, as Scopely advised.

  4. This could lead to possible retirements, the breaking up of factions, lost revenue and activeness of your customers on Scopely’s products.

Can Scopely pls provide customers with a response and solution with regards to this as it is Holly unfair that some customers have been allowed to transfer, but because of Scopely’s failures, others haven’t been able too.

Thank you

Theres going to be another transfer window in early November that will see all waves outbound enabled and Wave 1a inbound enabled. I expect an official announcement is coming soon.

That’s not really good enough, Scopely advise customers of a time frame of when to move. Customers abided by that but because of Scopely, couldn’t move. Scopely need to provide a response for these customers

Of course, I’m sure they’ll officially announce the next transfer window soon.

Any update on this pls?

What does the realm splits for 2 and 3 no longer apply mean? That 2 and 3 will become/are the same wave?

I think just for the upcoming transfer window, wave 3 can move directly to wave 1 (not having to firsr transfer to 2, because of the issues this past transfer window).
I think, but dunno lol

I took it as meaning instead of 2A/2B and 3A/3B it’s just 2 and 3

And still no word or explanation front scopely on this. What guarantee is there for any customers in the future, if they r just ignoring this.

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The first rule of Wave 1 is: you can never leave.

What about the ones who wanted to leave regions but couldnt because you foolishly opened region transfer whilst a stash was already live and moving would have lost ALL progression.

This has been a very very bad exercise in pushing a direct narrative for an endgame … MOVE everyone in the same place in the end

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