What happens to gold bars

Now what happens to gold bars?
Are they sitting next to blue keys and puppy dogs???

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Yes scopely, are we supposed to keep collecting or are they worthless past the 22?

Gold bars will be converted to 5,000 coin each.


Thing is, how many do you have?

Who knows.

They don’t appear in inventory anywhere.

They will be just like every other thing that doesn’t show in inventory, eventually just forgotten and never reused.

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Sometimes reused ala screwdrivers

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Yeah… that was a mistake.

Like the 3* / 4* Michonne flag swaperoo.

They dialed up the wrong screwdrivers and because they always start shit on fridays when everyone leaves the office, it was a gong show Monday and the damage was done.

They couldn’t roll back that error so they played it off like it was meant to be and a “token of appreciation” or something.

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I don’t like the wasted collectables but with gold bars the main perk seems to be that you get to level Christa faster. I don’t mind if they stop being useful once done

Agreed. But it would be nice to get a clarification, so we know If we should keep getting them, or just leave it be for the rest of the event.

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Well the sc club map is worth it just for the legendary medals.

Of should we save gold radios

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