What happens after Season 1 ends?

@JB.Scopely do we immediately kick off season 2 after Season 1 ends? Or will there be some lag between the end of Season 1 and the beginning of Season 2?

“Game Over” pops up on everyone’s screen. Your town self destructs. We all move on.

Or maybe Season 2. Not sure


Lets vote!


Season 3 starts straight away.

Yes, they will forget 2 and jump straight to 3


Elon Musk buy TWD:RTS and delete it.


My guess is just like the special toon Garret at the beginning of the season, there will be another exclusive toon up for grabs while the season starts. Maybe our ranks resets each season too causing all to start at bronze rank again.

It just goes to season 2 nothing special store changes a bit as well

Also you start season 2 where you are now

Phase 1:Season 1 ends
Please 2: …
Phase 3: profit


will we get to keep are league tokens will they reset ?

What about Christmas season? All wrapped in solo lvl ups? Thats not good week for war or fac events …

These questions are all answered in the league announcement on this forum. Quick search can get you the answers. I feel a lot of people forget there is a search function which helps avoid duplicate thread topics.



The moon will crash into Earth. Thats not a joke!

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Thanks Opie, but the subject to change disclaimer is what prompted the question. Seen too many changes that were unexpected in the past.

keeps them

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