What happened to war wheel

Hi people ive just came back from a 3 month break and i noticed theres no war wheel and theres items in the blackmarket that suggest they are removing the feature. So I’m wandering whats going to happen?

Do people even read here what they’ve announced and pinned?

This is from the main page, not to be overlooked:


Like i said ive taken a long break from this and i just got back.

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When you come back from a break its advisable to read up on what might have changed while you’ve been away then ask questions afterwards if you don’t find the information.


Sir yes sir


Lol why can’t people just say they made the wheel into a depot


Because then the next question would be, “well what’s in the depot? Why did they make the change? What how do i get the tokens?” Etc etc

So easier to direct them to the post containing info



Reduced to atoms

Where is this post?

It’s pinned at the top of the main page of the forum, 3rd post down.

You can also find it on the blog in the game by clicking on news.

lol ty, nice of you. But I was just tryna keep that sequence going haha :smiling_imp:

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Lol I did wonder if you were being serious but figured I’d answer anyway 🤷

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Here we go again. Please flag this thread Mr. Louie
We don’t want scopley to think we’re sorry for their: :poop: :poop: :poop: being removed

What? The wheels gone? Did it fall off?

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The Blackhawks did find out how the War Wheel vanished - it was lifted by a group of dirigibles, with artificial cloud cover. This time, they defeated it by luring it into quicksand, where it bogged down. The men inside surrendered.

Do you farm your own weed or is that purchased? Would appreciate the contact to the dealer in any case - that’s some really potent stuff, man…

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