What Happened To The User Who Got Into A Fight In Real Life?

About a couple of years ago, a user made a thread and talked about how he was going to fight someone over something. What happened to him? Can anyone find the thread?

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It never panned out to anything, iirc the other guy never showed, and I think the guy ended up being some 17 year old kid, so he probably had the attention span of a squirrel and facked off.


I’d like to find the thread.

I don’t think this forums are 2 years old yet, probably was on old forums, idk I joined like 3 months ago

Wasn’t it @ChaosShooter28?


Sounds like something he’d do.

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I was thinking that, but wasn’t sure if that was the same hyper active kid or if it was some other dude.


It wasnt years lmao
So basically it was just fake gangster shit

He said he was gonna come to the library. My scary ass was gon fight him (This was before I played ffny and vendetta giving me wrestling moves mimic and more crazy shit)

He never had even came or even wants to fight me. We havent even talked we’re just neutral but we don’t talk.


Yeah there are a lot of shady stuff going on keep your maze sprays boys it can get ugly.

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I remember that thread it was hilarious. Need more like this @ChaosShooter28

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Yeah despite me being a freshman (Still 15 and got no job. I gave scopes none of my summer job money cause fuck em)

Any who… Im tired night.