What happened to the ratio of new promos to legendary ascendables?

I thought this was one of the number one things the players council set out to do is make this game better for its majority of players not just the whales? Although scopely has given us some super op toons and allowed us to modify our existing 6* toons with rings to help combat the huge number of pay to play toons the fact of the matter is we have all these legendary toons sitting in our inventory doing nothing but collecting dust. I for one would like to see them being able to be turned into 6*s and the ratio to pay to play promo toons be something like 4to1 or something comparable. One other major thing I would like to also see is that roadmaps drop just as many survivors as the world maps. I’d also like to see the amount of energy be cheaper to complete these road maps there is no need to have to have them be so expensive to complete especially when they barely drop any survivors .


legendary ascendables are not needed anymore. we have s class now. they are useless.

they should give us legacy s class toons

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This is why:


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