What Happened to the Coin Sales?


I went to sleep last night looking at the coin sales and thought i might have a try of that. With 13 hours showing on them i thought that would be plenty of time to go get some gift cards and purchase them, i would have until around 1-2pm … when i opened the game up this morning at 8am none were on the offers section at all and have still not popped up and my game has been on since that time.

just seems odd that these offers are so random the timers dont even stick.

does anyone else still have them on their game?


Same thing for me ^^^


it’s crazy, i think theyve messed up all the times on events this week also. maybe they internal clock in the game code has missed a day or something



Guess they should add offers with unexpired timers are also subject to change to their catch-all too. :wink:


it was literally less than a day, its a shame as i wanted to buy coins … Scopely lost a tonne of cash as most players are in work friday and need to go to the shops/bank on the next day to sort out coins


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