What happened to Territory events?

I thought there was promise of new territory events/contests, similar to the Atlanta event? The day to day of territory management is getting old, would be nice to see some new rewards or newly unlocked areas.


No thanks, the Atlanta event was dumb and the last Territories tourneys was also dumb. All it was was to wait until the end, snipe, win the tourney.

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better than level ups but shhhhh I think we can think of a better tournament

I want variety. Maybe they will improve it. Seriously though, didn’t they make an in game announcement like 2 months ago saying tournaments were coming?

Territories are a broken buggy mess. But dont worry there hard at work fixing it atleast according to support if you message them.

There needs to be some more variety and with improvements territory tournaments could work better.

These were a fail because factions were ranked based on the territories they were holding at the end rather than overall throughout the tournament, so all they needed to do was wait until the last hour.

Instead it should be based on which factions can hold and control the best territories for the longest accumulated time throughout the entire tournament.

A simple way to do this would be to award each player territory markers every hour for each territory they have team(s) assigned to in addition to the normal territory awards. Higher * ranking territories would give more markers per hour.

At the end, the faction whose players have the most territory markers wins.

The time limited territories should also be opened throughout the tournament with some appropriate rewards for the current event, e.g: wood nuggets, ascendance medals, etc.

No one cares about territories. The only reason people even bother is for the crit spots and then the rest of the time its out of sheer boredom. Faction assaults have added to people dumping in more random attacks just to get some tickets. They also have done nothing with the events because I’m sure no one is bothering to buy cans for territories. No profit means no interest in doing anything with it.

Also before we even start talking about adding anything to it they need to fix the bugs. Almost every time I attack or add a team in there the game crashes and resets. It’s been this way for how long now? Don’t understand why they can’t fix this.

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