What Happened to Story Sunday?

So, I understand why there was no roadmap for this last week, but what about today?

Did the devs just forget about it or couldn’t they be bothered?


It got replaced with spenders Sunday probably


I honestly didnt expect them to keep up with the sunday story as long as they did tbh, thats a lot of work for them plus they had cans in that roadmap and well that was too much to give away so they made the energy offer the same price with 1 can less each energy


Seriously? For the amount of Money they make from the player base, they can’t afford an employee or two to make one roadmap per week?

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Yeah…seriously…this is scopley or had you forgot?

might be a good addition for spender’s club am i right :smiley:

They cant afford to have anyone manage the forums let alone the game, they have bots on the forums

Robably couldn’t think of any dialogue that set a good example in the new age of chat bots. And by that I mean one that didn’t involve any swearing we might find offensive.

Or maybe they did and chatbot got to work…

Wait, those stories were different every week? Thought they just kept putting the same one up over and over.

Scopley, I don’t care if the story is a repeat that I have read before, please I need story time on Sunday or I can’t sleep.

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It’s just another thing they gave us and took away. They probably added it to the spenders club so once again we have to pay to get something we use to get for free. But keep on surviving so you can keep going to work every day to afford to play one of the worst mobile games there is

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I believe it was taken away for the pick your side event because there wasn’t room. Why’s it’s not back idk

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20x2 levels.
Meaning 40 dialogues of 2 or 3 text bubbles.

For anyone whose been doing the maps, they know they aren’t terribly detailed. GRRRRRR

Again, the game makers claim last summer they were averaging $125/month per user.
That’s a junior persons wages for a day.

Think about what not doing stuff like that says.

Missing Story Sunday? Fine, maybe this will tide ya over till next weekend?

Story Sunday (late edition)

Siddiq: Get off the boat, we’re here.
Viktor: Ok, I’ll just stand here on the dock with no boat in sight.
Fight with random walkers
Siddiq: Let’s get off the boat and look around for the others.
Viktor: Why did we dock right next to all those walkers anyway?
Fight with random walkers
Siddiq: Check over by those cars out of frame away from the boat.
Viktor: Hey look, I’m over by some buildings now.
Fight with random walkers
Male Survivor: Hey, this is our place.
Viktor: You look very familiar. Do you have like a few dozen twin brothers?
Fight with random people
Female Survivor: You need to leave before we make you leave.
Viktor: Didn’t we just kill like 14 of their friends? Maybe stopping to chat is a bad idea?
Fight with random people
Male Survivor: you’d better give us all of your stuff.
Viktor: Really, we’ve just murdered more than 2 dozen of your friends without much effort and you’re still trying to intimidate us?
Fight with random people
Viktor: Where’d those two go?
Siddiq: Must have snuck away during the fighting.
Viktor: How? There’s dead bodies everywhere. I’m sure there’d at least be some bloody footprints to follow.
Fight with random walkers
Siddiq: Maybe they’re after our boat? Let’s get back to the boat!
Viktor: You really like saying boat alot Siddiq.
Fight with random walkers
Siddiq: Nah, let’s just hurry back and get on the water.
Viktor: Didn’t we come here for a reason?

Siddiq and Viktor board the boat and set off for the next town.

Isabella: Where the fuck are those two going? Over here assholes, wrong dock!!!


LOL, well played!!

Aw, but I wanted to know what happened to Vietnamese Yumiko, Grumpy Beefcake, Hawaiian Shirt but on a Cuban, Safety Hat, Aquatic Lesbians, and the only guy from the comics that actually matters because they couldn’t be bothered to add in Pete for some reason.


I hear the trees, and they speak Vietnamese…

But I think Yumiko is Japanese. And I also want to know what happened with hard hat man and our favorite Middle Eastern/Indian 6* Command Siddiq

Yep, hence the reason I specified Hoang is Vietnamese since that’s really the only difference given that they’re both 30ish East Asian women with long black hair that use bows.

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