What happened to season 2 weapons


where are they and why arent they in store???


Wondered the same. Either they didn’t sell well in Season 1 or they plan to give them out as end of season 2 prizes.


None of the season 1 weapons were unique or impossible to create via armory, so it’s likely not many people bought them. Unless they had planned to sell unique weapons, like the knife that was available to those in platinum league, there’s no point in them selling weapons.


Knife was available for Diamond League. Not Plat.


That’s what I meant. The highest league.


i bought them all


I seen both weapons a bunch of times. I didn’t buy either I have over 200 4* weapons so I don’t need 2 more


I thought the Mirabelle Weapon was unique and couldn’t be made in Armoury.

In fact I’m sure Green Weapons can’t hit with Stronger trait.


Imo dont see any reason to use it if you have stuns on att :man_shrugging:


Yep stun or ap down unless it’s abs like the 1 green weapon no point. Better off even going att, def and huge attacking or even huge with huge


You’re right. Unique and good. Strong Attack is no where comparable to Stun when attacking.


I think it’s awesome.
Variety is great.

I don’t use all stun weapons…it’s cheap.


so weapons effect can make garbage toons op? why dont ppl complain about that?


Been like that for a long time.


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