What happened to sc roadmap?

I’m a survivor club member got my key today went to do roadmap it’s gone Where’d it go? I need the comics

Gone here too

So what again is it you get for a fee

Same thing happened to me, I just got my key when I logged on, map is gone.


Mine isn’t showing up either

Apparently it’s due to the time change in america it be up soon

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Ffs Scopely, we need our measly 6 comics…

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Proof? 15 char

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Then you wait?

Steady cruisin right now. All I need is like 8 more weeks and I’ll t3 my shield Andrea. That is, unless I go for Julie in which case I’ll need like 16 weeks to t3 my shield andrea. 16 weeks goes by in the blink of an eye tho. It’s like SLOW TF DOWN Scopely!! I can’t keep up!! WOOOOOOOO!!! What a rush!



Any one else survival club roadmap not show up or is missing, was able to claim the radio but cant use it any where

Yeah, mine is missing too. I bet they are gonna restart it for a week after Julie’s release. Since we received comics upon her release.

5th thread of this

Screenshot_20190312-174117_Walking%20Dead Screenshot_20190312-173015_Walking%20Dead

Because 4 topics asking the same question weren’t enough


Must have miss it

Roadmap hasn’t shown up yet. Even after getting the radio.

Someone forget to press the button??

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Thread #5 about this

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Fine by me. Maybe if theres 30 threads they’ll fix it.

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And its there