What happened to RTP collection I in the museum?

Was expecting to exchange everything before the entire event ended. I realize we’re on part II now but when it’s part of a larger event what’s the point of ending any one part earlier? People pay attention to events and aren’t always scruitinizing how much earlier than an event a collection closes, especially when the event itself is still just getting underway.

I’m usually pretty good about these things so i’m not trying to lay the blame for my own oversight at scopelys feet, but i’m not even the only one in my faction that this has happened to. I suspect that many didn’t even notice there was any difference between badges.

Sorry to hear that have you tried to contact support? There was a timer in the museum and they did send a note to the inbox and the megaphone on the main screen took you to a page that mentioned not to forget to turn them in. I am just sitting on the tokens but I turn in the badges as soon as I get enough. Hope you get them back as that would really stink. Good luck!

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Besides the info sources you mentioned my faction sent in game messages and Line announcements of the ending collection. This is unfortunately standard Scopely procedure and previous events have taught us to pay attention to timers.

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Yeah, my own fault i guess, i’m usually the one sending out the reminders! lol.

I cashed mine in but didn’t realize the first one expired either especially since it could be collected 100 times and I had only reached 5. Sucks you missed it hope they help you out. Good luck.