What happened to Princess?

Was in the tower, now removed.

Maybe finally giving her a rush and skills like Slater?


Smoke and mirrors “poof”
More of the same released before its ready

Princess is gonna be a s class.

damn focus revive and command toon … niceeeee

She is back in the tower :slight_smile:

But more to the point, how do we get either of these toons? @GR.Scopely

For Slater you just need your Wallet on Friday

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No she aint?

Do you actually get paid? I hope not

Ha true she was still there when I opened the game and now after another check you guys are right she is gone.


It’s just like the time when shieldrea first came out and everyone maxed her. Another check and she was gone.

Good times.

just like the employs from Scopely … they come and go

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