What happened to my purple tokens?


A while back I showed this photo

Asking what it was used for and now I check my general and it’s gone @JB.Scopely why have they disappeared I demand some type of explanation

(Refencing To the limited time tokens)


They’re limited time and go away when the event ends.


But their event ended and people still had them.


Either way, you weren’t supposed to have them anyways. “Demanding” an explanation won’t get an explanation any faster.


Who says I wasn’t is there anything in terms and service that says this?


I said you weren’t… Why would there be anything written like that? It’s common sense. There’s no event for them so why should you have them?


they should have turned into a very small and useless amount of depot points for you and since you pointed it out they probably ‘fixed’ it for you


wsit nvm they turned into 3 Year token so so yet again I’m about to don my 6th pull


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