What happened to mercenaries?

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No, they announced there would not be mercenaries this war.


Was wondering that myself… tried to find out if was it was not available and couldn’t find anything.

Cheers… not that needing em at min but always good to have options

What are mercenaries?
Players who hop regions to help or?

Nope, 5* bot teams to fill your war party if you don’t have enough online members around. Supposed to unlock after several minutes after declaring a war

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that kinda sounds dumb in a way
a team of 5 stars? why not a team of six stars at least.
and does the mercs attack? or is it strictly filling?

The point is to make the bot team not very useful, kind of a last resort, as fielding teams of fully human (or what passes for it) should be more desirable than just making a faction around using bots

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