What happened to legacy toon that should be ascendable!


@JB.Scopely please if you are reading this ,
Can you talk to the team about releasing some legacy 6*
I mean come on we’ve been waiting for ever now last legacy ascendable was 2 months ago or something like that
It’s really frustration , you didn’t give any new toon from museum , and no legacy for months
This is too far
Let’s take Dwight as an example, peoples holding Dwight for more than a year (exactly since the first list was released )
Does that look logical to you ?
1 year for one toon and yet it’s not released !
Should we wait for another 3 years or what
This is too much man you are pushing peoples to quite as you want us to quite !


1 rule:
If scopes dont make money on it they dont do it.

But Yes we dont need more premium 6s in game curently more than 60%of all 6s are premium.


Give it one more month. Duane came out end of September.

But in reality there is no reason except for money for them to be so slow at releasing ascendable Legacy toons. Most of the remaining Legacy Ascendables have had leaks so we know they are ready or just about ready.


But is that an acceptable rate?
A big fat No


The ratio of premier 6* to Legacy 6* is embarrassingly poor. Even when you add event toons to Legacy toons it’s still been a poor ratio.


My guess the rest of list will take 6-9 months to finish off could be even longer. By the time they release the rest all will be totally garbage


My guess is by the time they finish the current list most of the people that have those characters will have left the game. I truly think this is the intent, out with the old in with the new.


i do think that Kalishane actually posted Dwight on the 1st list then removed him thinking it was the one in museum recently released. it wasnt until the 2nd list that it was confirmed to be correct



I Helped create the lists that were shared on line chats man, im telling you Dwight was part of it


First list, when first released, stated “Dwight” on there - indicating it was the original crossbow wielding version.

During discussion, Kalishane later said that it should have been “Dwight - A New Threat” which was a museum collection at the time. He was then subsequently removed from the lists, only appearing again on the second list.

So @Clemo81 is right, but so are you - if you believe Scopley did make a mistake…


Which makes perfect sense if the 5★ version of Dwight “A New Threat” had ever been a legacy 5★. But he wasn’t - the list predated his existence as a 5★ and therefore he had no right being on there anymore than recent museum collections like Abraham.


Justin, you can go back n forth with this all day, kali also posted up a picture of the old Dwight when questioned about it. I personally don’t care, i just wanted to bring that to the attention of this post

enough said on this


she posted pictures of what people added to that thread, it wasnt her idea…


Don’t deny that for a second. But that doesn’t change the fact that, on the first list of legacy 5★ ascendables, a particular 5★ ascendable was listed - therefore whether intentional, accidental or otherwise - he was on the list.


This list does not include any surprise unannounced ascendable characters”

Quoted from Kalishane and actually quoted by Kanaima


So to go back on the OP comments.

Let’s take Dwight as an example, peoples holding Dwight for more than a year (exactly since the first list was released )

When first announced there was confusion about this Dwight, it was eventually corrected to state a new threat Dwight maybe a few weeks/months after stated … to which then a second list was made not less than a month after SO in contrast its correct that people were waiting a year on that Dwight.

Correct me all you want, i honestly don’t care. its another scopely error afterwards, no sleep lost for me BUT you come on to a post and argue about it … is it really needed when its not as simple with this company?


But … Kalishane WAS right on the dwight, she stated at the beginning it WAS that Dwight, she had to clarify it, then a week or two she revoked that comment … it was then put on list 2 … either way its correct … but people holding on to that toon for a year is still very much correct as its on the list now


You’re the one who made a mistake here , kalishane posted the list and a few days later she posted ss of toons , and OG Dwight was in both ss and the first list


Carley should be the next :frowning:
Need knox


Dwight was on the first list, people assumed it was the original Dwight as he had no “[insert title here]” like the original Dwight. But an oversight of scopely listed Dwight instead of Dwight “A New Threat”.

He is right. Technically… literally everyone assumed because that was on the legacy ascendable list that the blue Dwight would be ascendable.


On that list every other Character is an older 5*, that dwight was a new dwight and should not have been put on the list. Why TF would you put a brand new unreleased 5* on a legacy ascendable list?