What Happened To Hemorrhage?


Scopely couldn’t have picked a better time to forget about this specialist skill. I only remember Abraham and Maggie having this specialist skill.


also this nice girl it’s a good idea for specialists more bleed for time


It’s a dead specialist skill


Scopes applied a little bit of this and now it’s all gone. :crazy_face:


It’s good for faction assault, prove me wrong.

With a tanky team you can easily be doing 3k damage per turn guranteed in to time.


Comme on faction assault ain’t the most important thing atm


A lot of the toons there making are very similar…or outlandish.

Could do with some skill revivals.

But they won’t sell…and how many F2P ascendable’s are coming out??? so no chance :triumph:


Been replaced with lacerator


But that’s the butt one.

That’s actually worse. 300 stacking bleed.


Nah you wanna talk about “dead specialist skill” have a look at Lightning Reflexes on that one yellow eugene.


There’s also a 4* blue Connor with it


Lightning reflexes was actually pretty good too

During the 5* days that Eugene saved me from many-a Andrea rush


Ascendable green negan also has it


Dont give them ideas :joy:


They also forgot about lightning fast reflexes. only like 2 characters have it. Thank god they don’t use parting shot anymore


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