What happened to hemorage?

Wev e seen bleed/burn become more prevalent recently w fire starter and lacerator, what happened to hemorage? W raid/war hits being longer than 1turn now, it seems like a skill that could actually work now but is mia… When it was around, it wasn’t usable because hits went so fast the bleed couldn’t build. What say you guys? Do you think it would be cool to see a hemorage 2 spec skill?


No can we plz keep some sort of Ballance in the game lol.

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Keep surviving

I still use 4* characters with hemorrhage in faction assault, it really helps. It would be cool to see a new character with hemorrhage as a 6* but they would need to implement it well.

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i think it’s pretty top tier leader skill on the top 5 for sure.

Why 4*? Use 5* maggie

I don’t have that Maggie so I use what I have.

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This cleared it right up. Act now! :stuck_out_tongue:


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sarah? :smiley:


Think it likely scales too much.

Though laceration + hem is interesting.

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Careful what you wish for, cuz it will be premier toon for sure and people will start to cry about how OP and destroying “the balance “ of the game.

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I actually use this on FA with a lacerator. The bleed can get crazy.

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It’s why I never ascended my Abe. I was able to use it on that one screwy roadmap with the 60,000 HP Violet to take her down and can still bleed em dry in FA.


Darnell? :thinking:

I use her in my atack team, the best damage that i have