What happened to faction onslaught?

Please can you make faction onslaught daily event like SR? I like and miss it.


Won’t be able to nuke this


Well ur in the minority hopefully it’s gone for good! I think this may just be trolling…


I didn’t mind it. Free stuff for participating and no downside for not participating.

If telling my opinion is trolling, then so be it. I just like it because the rewards. It helps boost league points slightly.


I like this idea. But let’s change the name of onlsaught to ßabyslaught xD


Lol yeah. I agree.

Might as well have it running 24 hours in the background like a level up. Since there are no milestones and the rewards suck everyone can ignore it unless they are in the mood to trophy hunt or test out an offense or defense. Either way It still beats dealing with territories that’s for sure.

Just get rid of the stupid bronze mods I would rather have the food, wood, or even nothing.

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I second the name change :wink:

Onslaught is not as bad as everyone makes it out to be. They have already improved it for the better. A few more tweaks and we have a fun event.

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Lmao woooo <3

Only if they give us milestones. Please give us milestone rewards. Please.


You ended with LOL

That would suggest sarcasm or malicious intent for which to get a rise out of the forumers.

They need to tweak it and it would be fine.

The energy/lives ratio still sucks.

The scoring system only places importance on clearing phase 1 instead of placing more importance on maximizing score per battle.

The match making should be fixed schedule, it’s completely stupid that two factions can finish phase 1 every time and one of them gain 2-3 matches over the event which is 100k-150k pts. It is impossible to make up this difference.

It’s just not a fun competitive event. It’s only good for collecting a few mods.

Background trash atm.

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I hope this thread is a troll lol

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I also like onslaught. Leagues has rinsed my raid can supply and territories are walkered half the time. Even they’re not, people don’t bother putting in more than one team so you can’t rely on them to earn many league trophies. Onslaught is a great supply of league trophies. Just wish they’d introduce milestones.

Onslaught is missed only because of the league markers

Onslaught wasnt that bad, it would be better if the match ups where a bit more even. That was the only issue most people had with it.

no dont i dont like onslaught

Hopefully Yawnslaught is gone for good. Most boring useless thing ever in this game. Matchups are horrible, no milestones, and many other horrible things about it. Please keep yawnslaught gone for good.