What happened to disarm it's not woooorking

What has happened to disarm. Over the past couple of weeks I have been noticing disarm being less and less effective. You cannot have weapons on def with special abilities such as stun and impair and not have an effective solution. Fix it plz.

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Hmm, Earl has felt less disarmy than he used to be. Need to do some statistical analysis


Disarm resist mods

Pretty sure the crit curve got altered again, crits are definitely down on my disarms for last month pretty much.


I’ve been having this problem through the last 3 crws

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No I havent come across too many disarm resist mods. It just seems that crit has been altered.


Disarm resist is still pretty rare in my neck of the woods

Yet hasnt seemed to effect enemy guardian. Always drowning in shields when I raid. They guardian 95 percent of the time and my disarm misses 4 turns in a row. There is defiently something off about it