What happened to Decks roadmap?

What happened to the roadmap??? There’s still 24 hrs left in the Royale flush event. Scopelly always finds a way to ruin a good thing smh.

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From looking at the blog it did say that the event finished at 12pm pdt today and that the collections finish 24 hrs later

The ‘event’ ended today, but the collections (chance to cash everything in) ends tomorrow. Always be careful with that, it’s quite common in events now


Big bag of D… complete the sentence

However, think in future @WalkerTexasRanger @TayTron would it be possible to highlight the roadmaps in red or I think for one of the road maps you guys did do that?

Also the RTS cards are still being sold in offers under features and House of cards, doesn’t really make sense to sell cards for a roadmap that is not going to appear again. Maybe for the future, make sure that only relevant items are being offered at the time? For example I would have purchased with coins the current offer:

For 250 coins, however 2 of the 6 possible options is for RTS cards which are now useless so I’m not going to bother.

Think there are some miss oppuntunies by including redundant items in offers and not relevant items as it would not only please the customers but potentially increase revenue as well.

Will post this in the HOC thread if still opened as doubt anyone is really looking at forums anyways


I don’t know how this one is on them for once. They literally gave this information before the event started. There are no roadmaps because they clearly said there wouldn’t be any after the last one. 24 hours additional is to pick your final collections. If you think this is frustrating, I remember a time I tried to grind out one last map to make a better pull and missed the end of the event all together having weeks of items changed over to supply markers. Lol

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