What happened to dale

Morgan was broken as soon as he was released.

No, he was working on release, then a new version came out in beta. While still in beta, it was reported in the proper way that he was broken. They released to code to prod anyway.


And here we are like 2 months later.

Dale gate incoming

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Don’t worry worry, I bet it’s on their roadmap of things to do

I just find it really disturbing that they can just do this and not even have the decency to acknowledge and fix it! Like, imagine not being able to return a product you bought that was broken? Hilarious.


Next they will break my a new threat green negan maim or shield Jesus maim

I’m ok with Dale being broken my 200 pulls didn’t get him, I would of been gutted to get a Broken Dale. Not sure wether to :slight_smile: or :frowning:

Hmm this all sounds familiar. Anyone remember how the Wanderer was bugged when he was released? Carful asking for him to get fixed they may just change his AR description to match the bug and call it balancing. They have done it before. Or do they only do that with FTP toons. Good luck to all the people that got Dale but never forget how Scopley handles these bugs it’s either nothing or hot fix nerf. Buyer Beware…

its alarming the cms havent even acknowledged this or giving any kind of idea of whats going on or whats going to happen

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Complete nonsense. I don’t know why I’m so upset and shocked that they did this to him. This is Scopely after all. They do not care about players. Pay to play or Free to play. They don’t care. The fact that they changed him and haven’t made a single statement regarding why is disgusting. This is a disgusting company and lets face it. Only reason most of us still play is because we have addictive personalities.

JB scopely said in an other topic that dale would be fixed later this week in a server side update

point is why not jb.scopley or other emplyees reply when a customer registered a complain here in this forums… they way they acted on free videos for coins issue in few days why they ignore customers real problems… no company beheave to its customers the way scopley do.

I’m not a see it to believe it kinda guy but with scopley I’m 100% see it to believe it. @JB.Scopely I’ve heard many things from you and scopley themselves but I don’t see the proof in the end. If it counts against your companies wallets then it’s fixed ASAP and if it doesn’t then the issue gets ignored and all inquiries fall on deaf ears.

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I do not have him so i guess it is ok for now

I reported it in game get this:

Did anyone take a video?

Well well Queen Beast we meet again.

Thanks LG for the update on blue Morgan in the bug thread.

Can’t say I’m not disappointed that the active maim bug that existed since Nov 16th is not even ‘estimated’ to be fixed until sometime in March. Its not even a ‘free’ character, to let a premiere like that for 4 months is pretty sad. Oh well, at least the people who pulled dale might not be treated so badly.

I’m sure there will be compensation for Morgan screw-up and the poor handling of it.

Heres a suggestion… when they fix the Maim bug, AND since he was only on offer twice around the same time back in Novbember because of the maim bug - upgrade his stats to the current tier when they fix it as a ‘sorry’… that’d be nice.


Well after maintenance, Dale is still bugged… @JB.Scopely

Come on, we all know this…the game is in a constant state of being in BETA (Bullshit Expected To Appear).