What happened to character creation?

About a year ago I did a survey and they asked if we would like to make our own character.
This might still be a cool idea so Crank this one out already common go go go.


I think this toon will have good balance, in relation to Erics and Michelles, definitely not an auto include in every team that pulls it:

Gen 2 stats higher focus on HP

Hacking Slashes 66ap
Causes 1000 damage that can’t be healed, to all enemies and -20ap to all enemies. This character gains 100% hp and all team mates recover from all penalties.

Initial cooldown 2 turns
Cooldown 3 turns
Stun an opponent for 4 turns

Specialist Skill
Burn them down
When this specialist lands a critical hit, the opponent suffers 150 burning damage that increases by 150 burn damage a turn. This burning damage cannot leap to other characters

Set weapon
Chameleon’s burning blade
A medium bonus to AP when taking dmage
+100 crit when hp is more than 50%

I like this, firestarter should be able to spread this to others and this would be nice, can be healed with recover burn or cure all

I wonder how many will notice it


So you remade Zach


Shhhh I was waiting for somebody to fall into the trap of saying how OP it was.

The name was a joke for those who realised.

And I wouldn’t say remade… I would say completely plagerised.

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Meh, he’s no zach. :wink:

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