What happened to assault tickets from Survival Road? (Solved)

I noticed that I got 1 assault ticket after finishing a stage, then I completed 4 more stages and no tickets at all… where they reduced/removed?

Working here. Unless you mean regular SR which doesn’t give tickets.

You know what sir, you might be just right… didn’t get the notification tho… checking
…aaaaand you’re right! I just didn’t get the notification. Thanks for the observation.

It is working, I just happened to reach my daily limit. Got confused because I didn’t get the usual notification telling me that I did. So… false alarm, I apologize.

We had the same problem today. This should be a separate post on the ‘Bugs’ board. It will get lost here.

Like something else that’s “lost” on this forum?

Has anyone left your faction recently or left and came back?This seems to happen when we do this.