What happen war


In my region laurens not have a war




No region has war at the time of this post. They say war will start at 16:00 for brazillian server but I don’t know much about the others.


Check the pinned thread about CRW match ups.


We’re in this thread!


laurens group c. Not start war




Scopely is aware. They are working on it.


@kalishane what about Shelby region? Is it OK? We free our time especially for War and got nothing! What about your responsibility for our time and money?
Any compensation? We demand a respect from your side!
PS. Please don’t bother yourself with “keep surviving”. Please. It’s not already fun.


Yes we neee a compensation


Yes, sadly some people have taken time off from other things going on to enjoy CRW and we sit waiting like idiots. We spend money and get treated like crap.


Think all regions should put on hold unfair let war others still waiting or are extend regions ain’t warring end time


As much as I agree with you, I don’t think it’s fair to stop those regions either. It’s not their fault, why should they be made to suffer because certain people can’t do their job…


Tru just f up lot are still waiting heard hit another snag most likely lot won’t get war at all


Shelby(RU) no war!!!


We need copensation in aquamarine for the time lost, the objetive 100k not reward @kalishane


I’m bored


fucking what???


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