What games do you guys play nowadays?


Really the only game ya play bud :stuck_out_tongue:


Super Mario 3 on NES
Mortal Kombat 3 on Sega
Occasionally I dabble in Disney Infinity stuff on the PS4 with my son.

Hey, at least it’s not Atari. Lolol… I used to have a Vectrex… That thing was beast!


Hide and seek / Manhunt / Hide and go get it :smirk:
Red light green light
Mama may I


I used to play angry birds 2 but then I spent $500 in a couple months so decided to quit but this and sometimes I play NBA live on PS4 that’s about all the games I play lol.


I’m waiting on elder scrolls blades app to come out, it’s scheduled for December 1…



If someone could paste recent rts promos over the ones he kicks, you would be my hero


Wow (not private server bullshit - at least not since end of BC)
Btw, subscription is cheaper than RTS subscription. :wink:
Sometimes League of Legends (EU West)


lol, gtfooh with that sh!


Too busy on the ps4 with red dead redemption 2 and AC odyssey. About to go back to play God of War on the the new game plus GMGOW mode again but with only as level one kratos this time.


The Walking Dead:RTS



Day R Survival and Ingress Prime for Android


Hitman 2, The Forest, SMBX, SM: Endless Earth


What do you mean? Do you not also play the walking dead road to survival?


i dont like where this game is going, plus…


But I only play the walking dead road to survival


Red dead 2 battlefield 5 pub g . I play everything


Diablo 3 still after all these years. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia, and Daytona Usa and Sega Rally 2 on Dreamcast.


Well if i break out my Win XP laptop i have Mechwarrior 3, C&C red alert and Diablo 1.
I have 60 games For PS2, 15 games for Sega Genesis incl MK 1-3, 9 games for Wii and 4 for gamecube


Jesus thats like Stone age gaming I’ll stick to my mobile games and rdr2 on PS4