What games do you guys play nowadays?

Which games do you guys play nowadays other than RTS. Usaly the most popular one would be fortnite but I’m just curious :smiley:


Fire Emblem Hero’s. Very polished like all Nintendo games, and fun.

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Fallout :grimacing::grimacing: got bored of Skyrim after 4 thousand hours :joy:


Fornite (both PvE and PvP). Going to jump into The Surge and Dying Light once I graduate, then State of Decay 2 when it comes out.


Prey love that game.

Oh man Dying Light what an awesome game!


Yup, going to jump back in to finish up any achievements, plus try out the free new updates they’ve been doing.

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Anyone play a game called “Prey”? If so did u like it. Its an interesting game.

I’m waiting for it to go on a really good sale. Both Prey and Dishonored 2 should because they’re exclusively single player games. (Bioshock Infinite had like a 50% drop off surprisingly quick after it’s release, despite it being one of the best games I’ve played.)

Twd: Road To Survival​:joy::joy::joy:

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Far cry 5 mostly

Both pve fortnite and pvp , amd monster hunter world if you like dark souls type games hit that up , it is getting constant free updates and all DLC is supposed to be free as well

Prey has such a huge setting. You will most def enjoy it. Dishonored 2 is another amazing game. They both have choices in the game u have to make along the way.

Man all of these games seems to be interesting.

Just subscribed to ps now to play fo3 and new Vegas again.

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Yeeeeeesssss! DLC too???

Ps check out Oxhorn’s vids on YouTube :wink:

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes is everything I wish RTS was and more. Js


I’ll get back to you on that. Pretty sure it isn’t unfortunately but I just downloaded them right before I left for work.

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I’ve got so many premier 5*’s I refuse to use for accession fodder for the fact I’ve spent a lot of tome and money on. But at the same time I know they’ll never be as badass as they were like only 7 months ago smh…