What fun factions things do you do

Generally curious.

Seen some play games like evil apples to help keep things lively in their chats… And keeping players engaged means more in game activity.

What do you do to keep things interesting?


Thanks for the thread Wanderer! :slight_smile: I’m interested to hear what everyone has to share on this!

S1 or lower Duel Teams challenge, for the sake of the old times!

Teams with Team Grade of S1 or any lower, composing only of Epics, Ultra Rares, Rares or lower rarity. You must have the same team grade and same character rarity compared to your factionmate’s.

Brings us back to the time when the main regions were still learning how to walk!

We (and by that, I mean they) tell each other to replace teams in territories and nothing else.


Some factions in our region play faction war buddies during war and we have a coweta war room and from there during CRW we have put on a coweta war buddies for the whole region. For y’all that don’t know what it is this is how it works.

You take everyones name that wants to play and put them in something and draw teams of two (take a video of drawing so all know it’s legit)
Who evers team scores the highest combined war points wins. 1st place renames and picture and game name’s 2nd place and 2nd does 3rd and so on. Last place doesn’t get to rename or picture anyone. What makes it fun is anything goes (iv seen some nasty stuff lol) and they must keep your new line name and pic and game name until the next friday after war or 5 day’s. Always choose your war punishment knowing the next war who your naming today could be naming you next war lol. And we do war themes and stuff like that.

I duel teammates using only 5* against their 6s

Lol that’s pretty neat. We’ve been trying to get a Mashup war going. Random mix of players (active) for a war to fill out 2 to 4 teams. Been talking about it for months, sadly never happen cause of… Issues

We as a region used to play an online version of Pictionary where each person takes turns drawing while the group guesses. Was hilarious :slight_smile: :paintbrush:

Not neccessarily an in-game thing but we coordinated it through our region chat.


A month or two ago we started giving out mvps for every faction event… After every event we send out a group message with the top 3 players, and the top player gets an mvp note on their profile. Don’t know about fun, but we wanted to acknowledge the players that go above and beyond in events. Also, it helps us in terms of promotions, etc.

All you seem to do is complain about your faction…why don’t you leave ?

Nothing. No fun anymore.

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All factions have an agreement in our region to keep things pretty fair and avoid conflicts over global, pretty interesting compared to others regions.

We’ve done 5* and 1* duels. 1* duels are fun for anyone who already has a team of jeds. Plentiful 5* sheilds and revives makes you appreciate 6* ty.

Crazy? That you?

We’ve done similar.

Use 3x5s toons against 5x5s defense was my favorite

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In my Chattahoochee region for war we do a pizza party and boobs night. Half the faction is girls and even us guys show some nip action on Kik. Keeps things highly interesting. Never mandatory, but it keeps things fun.

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And we all play the floor is lava within the Kik group too, some good pics come from it.

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Nah but if that’s one of the leaders of your faction hopefully they toss ya out soon.

We always pick a war theme and change our usernames to match it. Everyone’s usual name is listed in their faction notes so we can keep each other straight. We’ve done usual name + animal puns (Joe Mammoth), plays on Brock (one of our faction members)(Brock and Roll and then Brock Lobster), ice cream flavors (Tutti Frutti), Greek and Roman mythology (Uranus got censored so I went with Odysseus) and most recently STDs (Joenital Warts).

Also random stuff like this:

IDK how we’re top 5.


With the effort I put into faction events? Fuck no.

He’s co-leader though. Don’t know if he has that privilege but he’s been on my ass three times now. Talked back the last one. Still there.

By the way, thank you for the small bit of fuck you give about me and my faction and noting how I complain about them a lot despite you only having 4 minutes of read time under your summary. You know me so gotdamn motherfuckin’ well.