What "fun" blah blah

I just lost 3 strong toons to a “payback” toon in lvl 10 of Bronze Survival Road. And before that, I had to carefully watch for “reflecting” walkers. Really? This is simply annoying. Now, in what used to be auto levels, I have to carefully examine each toon and customize my response? Just a pain. But, oooohhhh! So clever of you. Not!

Rant off. :fire:

Reflect has been there for years, surprised you haven’t run into payback before as well. Guardian and tenacity toons are useful.

Wish we could save teams to make it easier, too.


Yes, I’ve seen reflect for quite a while. But payback, on Bronze? lol…Grrrr!

I want to be able to save teams as well I’ll be able to go through a lot better

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Just don’t auto teams with payback toons on them and use single attack abilities on the reflect walkers


Whenever I get a payback I manual. Since I heavy auto. If Im going too fast I’ll end up seeing a payback and not pressing stop auto in time.


Just quickly scan the hazard warnings on each stage before you hit auto. I got caught out by rushing to spend my energy earlier, like a dufus

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